10 amazing facts – Benefits of linen

10 amazing facts – Benefits of linen
March 21, 2018 stitchandsaga

10 amazing facts – benefits of linen that you never knew

We all know linen as one of the most raw and natural materials there is. Therefore we often automatically associate it with a picture of a rustic home situated in the romance of the woods, inhabited by people that make their own soap and bathe in a creek. Or at the very least the people that live near the city wishing they had a creek nearby.

But linen is actually much more than just fabric in its most raw and earthy form. It has such amazing qualities and benefits, that it‘s nearly criminal to diminish it to countryside decor. We believe it is high time to start seeing it as a necessity for a modern urban home and here is why (10 benefits of linen) :

1. Starting with the most mundane – linen inhibits pathogenic micro flora, prevents development of bacteria, is resistant to fungus and an unpleasant environment for bed tick, making it impossible for them to live in these textiles. So it‘s like a built-in antiseptic, literally protecting you and your family while you sleep.

2. And on a related note linen is hypoallergenic – doctors recommend that people with allergies wear and use linen items in their daily life. So you can rest assured that no one in your family will have a reaction to it. Perfectly safe for babies!

3. And on top of that linen fabrics neutralize odors: antiseptic and moisture absorbing properties of flax are used in production of some parts of footwear such as insoles and the inner side of the sole. As a person who cares about the smell of my home as much as the look of it, I for one deeply appreciate things that work with me on that.

But we are just getting to the best parts:

4. Linen textiles create a pleasant microclimate in the room by reducing the intensity of static electromagnetic fields and absorbing ionizing radiation. This is especially important in the era of smartphones and other gadgets that emit different types of radiation.

5. Thermal conductivity – the temperature of our body during sleep is slightly lower than it is during wakefulness. This mechanism of human body contributes to better quality of sleep which flax helps to maintain by removing excess heat, and therefore, keeping the body cool.

6. And this balancing act doesn‘t stop with bed sheetslinen clothes keep you comfortable even in the strongest summer heat, which has led it to become the official „I‘m on vacation near the beach“ attire.

7. A related little gem that you may not know is that linen protects you from UV and other types of radiation: flax fabrics reflect almost the entire spectrum of sunlight

But let‘s get back to the bedroom, because we aren‘t done with that:

8. Another trait of linen that makes it a natural choice for bath towels, but also perfect for bed sheets is its high absorption, which allows it to absorb moisture from body during sleep and also reduce the overall level of humidity.

9. And if you think it can‘t get any better – linen fibers enable healing of micro damages of the skin thanks to micro massage effect. They improve blood circulation, which makes you feel fresh and well rested upon awakening.

10. And to top that off – research has shown that wrapping the body in a moist linen cloth has a therapeutic effect – it helps to cleanse the organism of toxins.

So if you can get all of THAT from a piece of fabric… how could you not want to wrap yourself in it 24/7? And most definitely take it out of the country picture and bring it to our homes in the city, where we could definitely use some of that purifying magic in our hectic modern lives.