7 traits of Stitch & Saga

7 traits of Stitch & Saga
February 5, 2018 stitchandsaga


It’s high time to share the inspirations and values driving the Stitch & Saga clothing. These are the attributes serving as the basis of the brand. These are the messages you convey to the world by wearing Stitch & Saga.

1. Quality & Fashion driven design

The greatest emphases falls on the design. Much time and research is spent to make it high quality as well as trendy and modern. Design is the passion of Stitch & Saga. It’s the driver to develop nice things and experiences to the world. The clothes represent ideas, patters and visions witnessed in different exhibitions,  fashion shows and expert reviews. The design is a mix of current best practices and personal inspirations, imaginations and playfulness.

2. Sexiness

Stitch & Saga’s clothes are sexy. Attraction is a powerful force in the modern world and the garments subtly unleash it.  Imagine the tension, desire, lust and all the energy coming out of them. It is exactly this power, which is transferred to you by wearing the clothes. The brand is courageous enough. It helps you reveal your natural beauty. It’s your make-up without any make-up. Stay glamorous, stay sexy, stay Stitch & Saga.

3. Subtlety

Stitch & Saga’s clothes are sexy, yet never vulgar. It’s the exact distinction between low cost or fake products and high quality garments. The latter convey exclusivity and high class. It’s being said that the more you have, the less you speak. Actions or clothes speak louder than words. The same message is passed by Stitch & Saga. Subtlety opens doors to the premium club and let’s you feel confident in any situation.

4. Lightness & simplicity

We live in the great days of minimalism and simplicity. The world has never experienced so much of the clutter and the fashion industry is not an exception. It’s more than natural, that we see a great opposing trend of rejecting complexity and all the buzz around. Therefore lightness becomes a great value. However, it’s easier said than done. As many of the designers agree, developing simpler solutions is actually way more difficult than complex or features-rich ones. Therefore lightness and simplicity is considered seriously at Stitch & Saga and much effort is put to make sure the garments truly meet those requirements. It is also aligned with personal values of keeping it simple and not attaching yourself to external factors yourself. Yes, you are fashionable, great looking and sexy. Yes, you are  subtle and simple. Yes, you are Stitch & Saga.

5. Variety of products

Stitch & Saga believes in adventures and experiences in life. It’s much about trying different things to make sure you don’t miss out. So are the clothes. Stitch & Saga is the brand offering various products from simple skirts, shirts and blouses all the way to evening dresses. All them are united by the same notions of quality, sexiness, subtlety and high class. All them convey these values in different ways. The variety of garments let’s you experience the same story in different and entertaining ways.

6. For different occasions

To continue the experiences narrative, Stitch & Saga’s clothes are designed for different occasions. Some of them suit perfectly for the casual day, chilling or walking by. Others are great for socialising. Ladies would definitely find garments perfect for office work or executing their daily work activities. Finally, Stitch & Saga is a lot about exclusivity and the aura of quality for the special occasions – evenings, celebrations and other notable events. These are your different moments. Let Stitch & Saga help you emphasize and highlight them.

7. Quality sewing

Finally, quality cannot be separated from the quality of the manufacturing of the products. Stitch & Saga ensures the products are sewed with utmost care and quality to be your true friend in each every case of life. Quality manufacturing is not a compromise. It’s another reflection of the never-ending strive for perfection and joy. Stitch & Saga trusts you. Trust Stitch & Saga.

So here they are. These are the important attributes of the Stitch & Saga’s story. Like the different moments of your life, Stitch & Saga’s products comprise a great set clothes, allowing you experience and enjoy them. Enjoy to the fullest.