• Mar312018

    Celebrating Easter with new traditions

    You probably think every once in a while that it would be quite lovely to make dinner time a real…

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  • Mar212018

    10 amazing facts – Benefits of linen

    10 amazing facts – benefits of linen that you never knew We all know linen as one of the most…

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  • Mar142018

    A new linen clothing collection is coming

    Our very excited team is working hard to bring even more amazingness that is linen to your life. We’ve already…

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  • Mar042018

    The art of lounging

    The smart outfit that you put together for the office may be the face that you show to the world,…

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  • Feb242018

    How linen will save the world

    The life of a modern woman means being constantly plugged in. Multitasking is the new normal, and we are powerhouses…

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  • Feb052018

    7 traits of Stitch & Saga

    Hello, It’s high time to share the inspirations and values driving the Stitch & Saga clothing. These are the attributes…

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  • Jan192018

    5 simple habits of a nature friendly modern home

    Why you need linen bread bags Baking your own bread – apparently SO MANY people do that… And it’s easy…

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  • Jan102018

    Why linen?

    Traditionally when we think of bed sheets we probably think about cotton, purely because it is so common, the process…

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  • Dec232017

    What is so special about linen clothing

    Linen clothing We’ve said it before – linen is THE summer fabric. What makes it so extraordinary is that it…

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  • Dec072017

    How a collection comes to life

    It starts, as always, with a question. It is usually within the lines of „how come no one has created…

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