How a collection comes to life

How a collection comes to life
December 7, 2017 stitchandsaga

It starts, as always, with a question. It is usually within the lines of „how come no one has created a decent…“ „why isn‘t there more of…” or „am I ever going to find pajama pants that would give me the feeling of perfect comfort when lounging around the apartment but also allow me to make a quick dash to the bakery for some croissants without an old lady giving me the „escaped from the hospital?” look while clutching on to a bag of oatmeal cookies“.

So you identify that there is a lack of something in the world. You think, I must not be alone in this. After all we all know that you don‘t sleep in pajamas. You sleep in Chanel no5. Pajamas are what you jump into immediately once you return home, a.k.a. your palace of comfort.

So you start dreaming up how perfect loungewear should look and feel – clothing so light and effortless you have to check yourself to make sure you aren’t naked; but also so chic and elegant that you could actually go out in it. The goddess of effortless cool. I’m so chill and chic, I don’t even have to try. I just glide…

It becomes your mission to bring that to existence (and the lives of every woman on earth).

So you dream and you draw and you draw and you dream. Nothing extravagant, only simple clean lines, smart silhouettes and flattering construction.

Then you color, finding that perfect meditative palette of the hues of nature – deep ocean blues, serene stone greys, pure calming whites, soft beach sand nudes. Bring the sensation of lying on a paradise beach to your living room.

And you touch fabrics, touch a lot of them looking for something truly exquisite – you know it must feel tender as a kiss against your skin, but also be so completely natural and organic, that it’s pretty much weaved out of seaweed. So you find innovative mixes of bamboo, tencel, a little bit of wool for good measure, of course some of the finest organic cotton.

And then it all comes together like this: