How linen will save the world

How linen will save the world
February 24, 2018 stitchandsaga

The life of a modern woman means being constantly plugged in. Multitasking is the new normal, and we are powerhouses in that. If we are not working while having three ongoing messenger conversations with our friends while posting a pic of our lunch and booking a trip to Rome for next vacation, we deem ourselves unproductive for the day.

Our brain and our phones are always buzzing with reminders and to-do lists, every waking minute that is not spent on doing is designated for planning the future doing or trying to catch up with the never ending newsfeed on every social, news and entertainment platform. Wake up and check Twitter to see what’s new in politics, have Facebook with coffee, Business Insider for a break from work when colleagues are looking and celebrity gossip in secret. For lunch – read some of the blogs you really love and plan who what will you wear next week and next season. Buy a new jacket on an elevator ride. Sunday morning – inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, thinking “I should have their life and this apartment too”.

And we are well aware that this is not healthy. We’ve attempted meditation only to realize that we simply can’t unplug and stop the viscous thinking race even for a moment. The Matrix has us. A smart book that a friend of mine read said that it’s getting increasingly harder for people to even read literature because our hectic lifestyle is making us incapable of concentrating on just one thing, one storyline at a time.

I for one exchanged reading to watching. Because that allows me to sort through my inspiration pictures collection on the other half of the screen.

And that is why when everyone else is taking a stand for slow fashion we strive for slower life first. Because how can we expect something that is our communal creation to slow the pace if we ourselves are just constantly increasing it?

And we believe, same as you probably do, that the solution lies in reconnecting with nature. And we can’t always take ourselves out to it, but we can bring more of it to us.

Surrounding yourself with alive and natural has a healing effect on us – body and soul. That is the reason we fell madly in love with natural textiles, especially linen – for its raw and crinkled un-manicured nature, which just instantly makes us think about sunny countryside, a life filled with fresh air and mindful little daily rituals. We believe this mental picture is universal and it has the power to ground us, for we all have a longing for it buried deep inside.

You can’t tell me you haven’t experienced this – when you set the table with a crisp linen tablecloth and fresh cut flowers and you stop for a moment just to marvel at how beautiful that is. Or when you make the bed in fresh linens, softly crinkled from the wash and you can’t resist jumping in it, closing your eyes, stretching your arms out, rolling around a bit and saying a mental “aaaaah”, forgetting everything else for a moment.

Little moments like these make us believe that the tactile beauty of raw and natural has the power to bring us into the here and now. What about you?