A new linen clothing collection is coming

A new linen clothing collection is coming
March 14, 2018 stitchandsaga

Our very excited team is working hard to bring even more amazingness that is linen to your life. We’ve already covered the whole range of home life, providing you with gorgeous soft linens to sleep in, wrap yourself in after bathing, wear while enjoying your morning coffee on the terrace and decorate your dinner table with. And now it‘s high time to take it out of the house and into the world. Yes, linen clothing.

Because summer is coming (and we can’t wait!) and there is no better material for it – natural, breathable, cooling, with a built in UV protection. In fact, linen is a synonym for summer in the language of fabric. You put on a light, soft linen dress and can’t help but think “going to the beach. Bye stress and worry”. Wearing linen makes you feel more serene. It’s like you’ve just meditated, you don’t walk you glide.

Another interesting fact – people who live by the sea or ocean are intrinsically more relaxed and chill, did you notice? So what if you connect the two – what if you wear the fabric that has an automatic association with summer, easiness and calm, the feeling that you are on your way to the beach, all year round? Would you become a summer person permanently? The chill vacation version of yourself? Why don’t we try 😉

Stay tuned.