About Stitch & Saga

We are a family owned business started from a simple idea – to make textiles just the way people want them. The idea never left us and we established Stitch&Saga – tailor/retailer at your service.

Today’s world is overflowing with things you can buy, but what is it that would make you want them? We think it is the item being special – special and just for you. We want you to feel as comfortable and cared for as the people in the old days when there was a local tailor who made custom things just for those living around town. With us, it’s exactly this way – we make textiles for your taste. Besides, our items come personalized because we want you to feel special even when buying simple things like household supplies. We make each order separately, filling it with warmth, kindness, and care.

Our team of seamstresses working from their homes/little cooperative offices makes all the items by hand and specially for each client. Do not worry though, we have quality control and make sure the quality of each item is impeccable. We do not keep stocks or work with big manufacturers, we make sure to benefit the local community and encourage talented individuals to carry on the legacy of the art of sewing – a tradition Lithuania excels at.

Our textiles are sustainable, vegan friendly and locally made out of natural fabrics the country has in abundance. Lithuania is famous for its linen (flax) and has carried the tradition of making it for centuries. We didn’t give up on the tradition either and decided to just reinvent it – the new is the well forgotten old. We continue using linen and other natural and locally sourced materials, however, we believe that the time doesn’t stop and we have to keep up with the latest fashion and color trends. That’s what inspired us to make the brand more edgy and less traditional and also to incorporate some other natural innovative fibers into the production process in order to suit the lifestyle of modern and up to date customers.

Our motto is “making textiles that care about people, not the other way around”. This means that we only choose natural, cool and easy care fabrics and keep our garment models as comfortable as possible in order to simplify this complicated life even further. Besides, we make sure the fabrics we use have some “spice” to them.

We think that daily improvement in small increments goes a long way, so we constantly seek ways to refine customer experience. Our dedicated team is working on getting the best materials for our crafts and we are proud to call ourselves pioneers in using innovation within nature. Thanks to technology, the future is here and we are only a few clicks away!

We are a responsible company and are friendly to the environment. Fashion is the second biggest industry in water consumption and pollution, so we want to decrease the harmful impact on the nature by being a role model and producing only the items customers want without keeping unnecessary stocks. We use fabrics that require minimum water to produce and are completely biodegradable. All our fabrics are natural Oeko Tex certified –  free from harmful chemicals. Our manufacturing chain is free from slave/child labor as well as usage of any GMO’s and meets all the European quality and labor certification standards. #welovelinen #stitchandsaga #linenbedding #linenclothing