What is so special about linen clothing

What is so special about linen clothing
December 23, 2017 stitchandsaga

Linen clothing

We’ve said it before – linen is THE summer fabric. What makes it so extraordinary is that it is an elegant cooling system:

due to its weave and fiber specifics linen fabric allows more airflow, letting your body breathe. Also its structure is “stiff” therefore it stays away from your skin allowing better airflow over your body.

It is highly absorbent (can absorb as much as 1/5 of its weight before giving a feeling of being damp or wet) therefore it quickly removes perspiration from your skin.

It dries very quickly, therefore the moisture it absorbs is swiftly evaporated.

It’s also less prone to clinging to your skin than other fabrics, and when it billows away, it quickly dries out and becomes cool again.

And on top of that it reflects heat well.

All of these little magical features combined result in a happy wearer who feels a few degrees cooler and perspires less than those who wear cotton or other fabrics, therefore making it the undeniable choice for hot and humid days.

It has one downside – it wrinkles. But we kind of dig that look and believe that for as long as we are not making dress shirts from linen, this raw “unprocessed” effect is not only perfectly fine, but in fact perfectly chic.

But linen is not all just about cooling off – in the winter, linen can also be worn under other layers to keep warm. As for other practical aspects, how about this:

  • Linen can be burnt or stained and will bleach white again
  • will far outlast cotton and can only be surpassed with durability and strength by hemp cloth, it will last you for years and years.
  • the more you wash it, the nicer it becomes, softening with multiple washings
  • if you wash it and then press it, it looks like new again. With most other fabrics you can clearly tell if you’ve had it for years, but with linen, if you take care of it, you really can’t.