The art of lounging

The art of lounging
March 4, 2018 stitchandsaga

The smart outfit that you put together for the office may be the face that you show to the world, but the clothes that you wear in the comfort of your own sofa on Sunday while binge-watching Netflix are your true self. And let‘s face it – for the most part it ain’t pretty.

My true self must be a sleeping beauty because I am constantly in a state of pajamas. That does happen to be the most comfortable attire! What? No, it‘s definitely not that I‘m just too lazy and unmotivated to change…

Other variations of home clothes include:

Sporty spice – sure to be found in jogging pants. Never does any jogging or sports of any kind

Her close relative – yoga pants girl

Throw back Thursday woman – has a collection privée consisting of assorted relics from her teenage years, too dear to throw out, but too embarrassing to wear out.

Aliens from another planet – those people that actually dress to stay home. I don‘t know what‘s wrong with them, maybe they are always expecting guests to drop by.

And while I know for a fact that there are lots of sleeping beauties out there and it does give me a great deal of comfort to know that I‘m not alone, there comes a point in your life (called your 30s‘) when that just does not feel cool (or practical!) anymore… if you need to run out to get milk (or see a man about a dog..) that includes an outfit change. God forbid someone drops by unannounced. And what if you are one of the lucky people that work from home? Congrats, you‘re in for a lifetime of pajamas (and consequently getting way overdressed for very casual occasions, purely because you have a reason to; or because you no longer remember what normal is) unless you pull yourself together woman!

But there is a solution! Adjusting to this clearly global trend of pursuing comfort we have invented a new category of clothing called „loungewear“. It is basically the same as sleepwear (you can find Youtube videos on how to distinguish one form another), but more inconspicuous. The whole idea is that you can wear something that FEELS like pajamas (aka clothing that you actually want to wear all day), but it looks deceptively similar to normal clothes.

Insert a global sigh of relief.

Besides that perfectly free range of motion, great loungewear comes with additional perks, such as completely natural and breathable materials (have you ever worn bamboo before?) and soothing color tones that make you feel like you should have fresh flowers in the house, put your hair up in a crown braid and go for a consecutive days challenge on insight timer again.

So loungewear. Still the next best thing after being naked, but making life and home so much prettier in the process.